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List of the Latest Research Papers



All information on this site, ranging from opinions to scientific hypothesis would be supported by verifiable online sources from reported news, research studies & papers, to collated verified personal experiences.

Here is the list of the more recent research papers related to autism that have been reference to and are related to the published information on this page. Each research paper will be listed with its title, the authors, the related organisations, the topic category and the significance in terms of the research direction and what practical conclusions can we learn from them.  

Due to the large number of research papers out there, priority will be given to important ground breaking offering unique perspectives or otherwise controversial  research papers. 

Autism Diagnosis

This section will include the research papers related to the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Topics range from medical test for confirming diagnosis, the associated signs & symptoms, and methods for early detection of ASD. 

Title: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Diagnosis, Prevalence, and Service for Children and Family

Attribution:   Social Policy Report, Volume 24, No.2, 2010

Excerpted Abstract: " This Social Policy Report summarizes selected recent studies on diagnosis, prevalence, and intervention, and discusses strategies for designing social policies to help improve the outcomes and independence of children and adults with ASDs."

Significance:  An information report that highlights among other things on the changes required in diagnosis criteria and methodology and the key role of social strategies in providing support to families with autistic children or adults. 

Autism Causes

Title: Autism genome-wide copy number variation reveals ubiquitin and neuronal genes

Attribution:   JT Glessner, K Wang, G Cai, O Korvatska, CE Kim… - Nature, 2009 - nature.com

Excerpted Abstract: "Using a genome-wide approach for high-resolution CNV detection, we have identified candidate genomic loci with enrichment of CNVs in ASD cases as compared to controls, and have replicated many of them using an independent set of cases. Most of these genes fall within two pathways/networks involving neuronal cell-adhesion and ubiquitin degradation."

Significance:  Currently, genetics seem to offer the best avenue towards understanding the susceptability and in time the causes of autism. This study was able to narrow the specific genes and mechanisms for study and points. . 

Autism Treatment & Therapy

Autism Therapy

Title: Randomized, controlled trial of an intervention for toddlers with autism: The Early Start Denver Model

Attribution: G Dawson, S Rogers, J Munson, M Smith… - Pediatrics, 2010 - Am Acad Pediatrics

Excerpted Absract: "This is the first randomized, controlled trial to demonstrate the efficacy of a comprehensive developmental behavioral intervention for toddlers with ASD for improving cognitive and adaptive behavior and reducing severity of ASD diagnosis. Results of this study underscore the importance of early detection of and intervention in autism."

Significance: The Early Start Denver Model combines elements of Applied Behavorial Analysis (ABA) and other non-ABA based  and  This is the first randomized controlled trial with a relatively large number of 48 participants divided randomly into 2 groups. Results were more obvious for the second year, while the   indicating a steady rate of development, whereas the A/M group, on average, showed an 11.2-point average decline.

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